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Ohio does not have a particular formula for determining spousal support. In Ohio, the following 14 factors, can affect the outcome of a spousal support case in Ohio:

  • The income of both individuals, including income that resulted from property division during the divorce.
  • The earning abilities of each individual. 
  • The physical, mental, and emotional state of each individual.
  • The anticipated retirement benefits of each individual.
  • The length of the marriage.
  • The likelihood that the spouse with lower income can seek better employment.
  • The standard of living that the individuals established and shared during the marriage.
  • The education of each individual. 
  • The assets and liabilities of each individual, including court-ordered child support that resulted from the divorce.
  • The contribution of each individual to the other’s education, training, or earning ability (such as obtaining a professional degree).
  • The anticipated time and expense that the spouse with lower income would have to put forth to acquire higher income or furthered education.
  • The tax consequences each individual would endure if they received spousal support. 
  • The income capacity that a spouse lost as a result of their marital responsibilities.
  • Any other factor that the court finds to be relevant.

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