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Facing High Net Worth Divorce?

You Need a Franklin County Divorce Attorney

While divorce is often a very difficult process to go through, it can increasingly complicated for individuals who have a considerable amount of assets in their name. Going through a high net worth divorce is often fraught with disputes, disagreements, and heated arguments, especially during property division.

If you have a significant amount of property, assets, or investments, you should not hesitate to retain legal representation during this time. Even if you believe you and your spouse can work out an agreement that you are both content with, you should do everything in your power to ensure your best interests are cared for throughout your divorce. That is why hiring a Franklin County high net worth divorce lawyer should be your very first step. My name is Catherine M. White, and I have been providing honest and thorough counsel for my clients for countless years. 

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Guiding You Through Contentious Divorces

For over a decade, I have been helping Ohio residents navigate the legal intricacies of divorce. My firm is committed to counseling our clients with honest and candid advice that truly benefits their interests. I recognize that effective counsel in a divorce is not just about helping you in the courtroom, but also about preparing you ahead of time.

I am here to assist you with the following:

  • Valuing business assets
  • Identifying potentially hidden assets
  • Protecting your separate assets from marital division
  • Crafting a favorable and fair agreement
  • Voicing your concerns in litigation, if necessary

Amid the confusion of a divorce, it is my job to collaborate with you and help you figure out what will benefit you in the long run, something that is not always clear. My firm prioritizes resolving cases in a peaceful manner, but I am not afraid to take matters to court when needed.

Whether you need to protect your hard-earned assets or want to make sure you are given the support you deserve, my firm is here to provide much-needed support. Begin by filling out a case evaluation or calling (614) 426-8720 to tell me about your situation.

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