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Parental relocation can occur due to a new job or job transfer, loss of employment, remarriage or because of a wish to be closer to other extended family members. If you have been sent a relocation notice, the thoughts going through your head are frightening as you wonder how you will be able to have parenting time with your child and what you can do to protect your time with your child.

Whether you are the parent who wishes to move or the parent who is opposed to the move, I am here to help with any relocation issues. My goal is to help both sides resolve your legal matters as peacefully as possible.

The court will need to evaluate many different things such as:

  • How parenting time will be affected
  • What is the motivation of the parent moving
  • How far away is the child moving
  • How will the move affect your child

How Relocation Works

If you have sole custody of your child, then nothing can restrict you from moving out of the state. Typically, however, that parent must get permission from the court to relocate the children and the co-parent has an opportunity to object.

Likewise, if you have shared custody, you are free to move out of state. But the parenting time and visitation schedule will remain in effect and you can face sanctions from the court if your move interferes with the other parent's time.

Your options include:

  • If the other parent has sole custody of your child, you can file an action with the court and try to obtain a change of custody
  • If you have shared parenting, the shared parenting plan may need to be modified

If legal action is initiated before the children are moved, the court typically grants a restraining order to prevent the children from being moved before a change of custody or parenting schedule has been worked out. The court is most concerned about maintaining the relationship between the child and the non-relocating parent.

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