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Juvenile Law

Protecting Youth in Franklin County

As parents, we are faced with the challenge of ensuring our children have every opportunity to have a fulfilling and successful life. Every effort attempted is met with a host of diverse challenges, but in order to protect our children from environments that may hinder their growth, I work to represent juveniles involved in criminal activity.

When children are accused of committing acts that would otherwise be considered criminal charges if committed by adults, they are dealt with through the juvenile court system. Minors, or young adults under the age of 18, are not tried in the same way as adults are, nor are they disciplined in the same ways. I know how difficult and confusing this time may be, but it is crucial that you seek legal counsel for your child's sake. I am here to provide compassionate, caring and understanding support.

Penalties for juvenile offenses often include:

  • Community service
  • Group or individual counseling
  • Monetary restitution
  • Juvenile hall
  • Probation

Minors can be charged and convicted of the same criminal activity as adults. This includes sexual assault, drug offenses, theft, and much more. There are also charges specific minor delinquents face such as underage drinking. While minors are not punished the same way for these offenses, their futures may be affected by them equally, if not more.

Does your child have a criminal record?

A criminal record may affect your child's efforts for higher education and future careers. Therefore, every attempt should be made to ensure your child has access to the best possible outcome for their case. I believe that when children are marked with the labels and culture of juvenile delinquency at a young age, it will affect their identity as growing adults. Therefore, I work hard to ensure that you and your children understand the process, while also providing your child with the best possible legal representation available for the situation.

Child Protective Services

Have you been served a complaint alleging that your child is abused, neglected, or dependent? Or, is a child protective agency knocking at your door? What do you do? A Franklin County juvenile lawyer can offer you the guidance necessary to handle your specific circumstances. I am here to help with any type of juvenile law or child protective services issue.

Let us work together to make sure your child has the opportunity they deserve to grow into an adult that respects themselves, as well as others. Contact my firm today to discuss the case and explore the available options.

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