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    Fighting for custody is an emotional event for both you and your child. Together, we strive toward a result that is in the best interest for your family.

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My Approach

Help From a Franklin County Attorney

Whether you are going through a divorce or find your child in legal trouble, I understand that you are facing a very challenging situation. If you have contacted my office in need of compassionate counsel, you can rest assured that you will recieve it . For years, I have been serving the community, earning a reputation for serious, devoted advocacy in Franklin County. With experience in the fields of family law and juvenile law, I understand how to protect your rights and interests in even the most difficult circumstances.

My unique approach includes the following aspects:

  • Honesty—You can rely on me to provide honest counsel in the midst of challenging problems. My goal is to help you understand the truth about your situation and tell you exactly where you stand.
  • Guidance—You should not have to navigate the court system alone. As you deal with complex family law issues, you should be able to focus on your family and on your own well-being. I am committed to helping clients navigate the complex legal questions they face while protecting their interests.
  • Conflict resolution—I work with the opposing side whenever possible in order to minimize hostility and to ensure as quick and peaceful a resolution as possible. If the other party is not agreeable, however, I am never afraid to fight for your rights aggressively in court.
  • Affordable service—I believe that everyone deserves access to top-quality legal advocacy. My fees are affordable and I can work with you to set up a payment plan for your convenience.
  • Individualized care—You aren't just an anonymous case. At my office, I value you and prioritize your success. I want to work together with you to solve the problems you face and to achieve a positive result.

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Are you dealing with a challenging family law issue? Let me help. With years of experience and a reputation for committed client care, you can rely on me to promote your best interests and to protect your future no matter how overwhelming your current circumstances may seem.

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